The app that puts the "smart" in smartphones

Omega will listen to your requests, answer your questions and act on your behalf.
Just by asking, you can make appointments, answer text messages, set alarms and reminders, call taxis, businesses and your contacts, check for stores, restaurants and bars around you and many things more.
Omega can also answer general questions, do unit conversions and knows quite a bit about the world. It will follow along with the conversation and react intelligently to incomplete input and contextual assumptions.

How do I use it?

Omega has multiple usage modes, for different needs and situations.
No matter if you quickly need to make an appointment while on the go, have a question when you're already listening to music on your headphones, or want hands free assistance while doing something else,
Omega is there to support you.

What can I ask?

Almost anything!
Check these questions for some inspiration!

Tap and speak

Tap the button and speak
Wait for Omega to reply

Speak on proximity

Unlock the phone,
raise it to your ear and speak
Wait for Omega to reply
discretely through the earpiece

Headphones plugged in

Tap the heaphone button and
speak into the built-in microphone
Wait for Omega to reply
discretely through your headphones.

Hands free mode

Start a conversation, put your phone into
stand-by and talk to it naturally at any time.
Omega will detect false input and require you
to call it by its name after some period of time.
After some configurable delay,
it will stop listening completely
to save battery and bandwidth
when you don't talk to it.

How does it work?

Omega uses the sophisticated speech recognition technology of the android platform to hear what you say. It then does a semantic analysis on your question to find out what you really mean in the context of the current conversation. After fully understanding your intent, it will gather all information required to answer your question or fulfill your request, possibly through the use of several online service providers. Omega works with many third-party service providers - among them those shown below - to provide you with powerful features and practically universal knowledge.